White Dwarf Review

Sales Pimping Minimal
(.5 of 1) Lots of Skaven galore and the issue is aimed just at getting their sales numbers up. Of course its nice to see all the new toys. Standard rating for this category.
Battle Report - (.5 of 1) Skaven battle report played by a pair of generals. They were having fun but were physically fighting with each other during the battle report. This was to help them be in 'character'.
Painting - (1 of 1) The master class is the best part of this issue. Firstly you get a look at minis painted by many of the Heavy Metal team and they are stunning, and better yet, you get a full tutorial on how to paint marines white. White is tricky, tricky so this is a welcome painting guide.
New Materials - (.75 of 1) Skaven doom wheel - Awesome. Plague furnace/screaming bell -awesome. Storm Vermin - Very nice! Normal rats - only three piece models. Yuck, a little static for my tastes!
Content - (.5 of 1) Its all about the rat, but there are some follow ups on the wolves. The issue is not one dimensional, though just barely.
Modeling - (.5 of 1) I would expect more conversions this issue. Skaven scream convert me please!
Tactica - (.25 of 1) Again, almost no focus on tactica in the issue.
Scenery/Terrain - (.5 of 1) Nothing in the issue to blow my skirt up.
Excitement - (.5 of 1) My initial flip through left me pretty bored with the issue. It is sitting by the throne waiting me to pick it up while I conduct business. A better issue would have migrated to the night stand for me to read before bed.
Enjoyability - (.5 of 1) Middle of the road! I certainly haven't devoured it like I have some past issues.

Overall (5.5 of 10) - A mediocre issue centered heavily on rats, with odd bits of LotR and a smatter of 40k thrown in for flavor.