Skaven - A Gaggle of Skaven Slaves

When rumors and confirmed sightings from the new Skaven book started pouring in I was immediately taken by the Skavenslaves. For 2 points a model you get a quick little unit that should have enough models to make it hard to break them with shooting. These units will make an effective screeening unit and if you use them right could help set up some flank charges.

Even though their rules are pretty nice for their points cost I was more excited about the modeling potential. I was able to pick up several boxes of the old Clanrats off of eBay and am going to be using them as the slaves since the new Clanrats box is coming out. I also want to mix in a few large bases with some enslaved mosnters and even some Goblins and Empire troops that have had a rough go of it.

The first task was to cut out all the Slaves and get them primed. I did them in one large batch to speed up the process.

I primed them black and then hit them with a light coating of brown spray paint. I then picked out the details with Boltgun for the metal, Khemri Brown for the fur, Iyanden Darksun for the cloth, and Dheneb Stone for the claws and teeth.

I then glued them all to the top of a pizza box so I could spray them with Devlan Mud all at once.

And here is a shot of one of the finished Skavenslaves -

They look a bit rough up close but when you stand back and look at them they look just right as a big mass of rat.