Review - Battlefoam Trays

Having an over-abundance of models stacked up in my hobby room and a baby on the way I decided it was time to get serious on getting all my models in foam. I have gone with Sabol Designs trays in the past but I kept hearing all these good things about Battle Foam so I decided that I would give them a try.

I decided that since I am going to have a bunch of Imperial Fist Drop Pods and Battle Foam offers a custom cut 4 Drop Pod foam tray that I would kit out my Imperial Fists army with a full Battle Foam setup.

I have to tell you, I wasn't expecting much from this stuff. I was thinking that it would be about like my Sabol foam but pre-cut. I was quite wrong.

This foam is about twice as big as the Sabol foam and it feels much more meatier. I started sticking models in it and I was just excited about it. I was able to fit four Dreadnoughts, four Rhinos, and a Land Raider in one piece of foam. It all just fit so well.

And here is a video with someone from Battle Foam talking about their product -