Nurgle Sorceror - The Old Death from Enigma Miniatures

When I first saw this model I knew that I wanted to use him as a winged Nurgle Sorceror. Even though it isn't all bloated the whole scythe/ratty wings/skull head in ratty cloak makes it seen very Nurglish to me.

I managed to pick this guy up a while back from the online store. The model comes and goes from stock pretty fast so I was happy when I was able to pick one up. The company that makes this model is Enigma Miniatures and this model is from their Massive Darkness line. The quality on this guy is top-notch.

Putting the model together was a bit tricky. The body is one part, but the wings are scythe are seperate. Where it gets tricky is that you glue one wing on, and then you glue the other wing to that. Hard to explain but it did require some pins to make sure the whole thing doesn't fall apart.

I haven't made much progress painting the model yet but it is primed. I primed the model black and then hit it from above with a gray primer to lighten it up and still leave some shadows. I am planning on doing the robe green and leaving the feathers a grayish color.

I will be sure to post some more pics after I make some more progress on him.