13th Company Thunderwolf Conversion

Here is my take on a Thunderwolf for my Wolf Lord for my 13th Company Space Wolves -

I was really excited to work on this model. I knew that I wanted a Wolf Lord with Thunderwolf but I didn't want to use Canis - I just don't like the model. I looked and looked for a suitable model to use a Thunderwolf but I just couldn't come up with anything.

I shelved the idea for a while and then one night I heard a tiny voice - look in the special box.

What is the special box you ask? Back when we took a break from the hobby I rounded up some models that I had laying around and put them in a box. I always knew that I would do something for them but I was very leery to do so - they were after all my special models. Some of the models in the special box have been there for eight or nine years. Just waiting for the PERFECT chance to use them.

When I opened up the special box I immedietly knew I had found a use for one of the models - after all these years my Thing In The Woods would finally have a use.

All that aside this was really fun to do. It was a special model for me and it just came together so nicely. I fidgeted and fidgeted with the legs to get them just right, and then I ran some chain through the mouth to work as some kind of reins and there you go.

I can't wait to get this guy painted up and I will be sure to post some pictures when I do.