Dark Wolves - WIP

Here are the first shots of my WIP 13th Company Dark Wolves -

You can't really see it in these pictures but they bits on these models are split about 50/50 Space Wolves/Chaos Space Marines - That is a bit heavy for a true 13th Company Force but I am going for a more of a "we've turned to chaos and don't even realize it yet" kind of vibe. I haven't done any big mutations or anything like that on these guys - I am saving that for something else.

The above pics show the models primed and basecoated. I started out by priming them black and used my new airbrush to basecoast them with Fortress Gray. I had all but just a handful of them done and I ran out of Fortress Gray. I decided to try something un-orthodox and I grabbed my can of Wal-Mart Gray Primer and sprayed the last few models with it thinking it might be close enough. It was a bit bright when I sprayed it on. I went inside to let it dry and when I came back out I couldn't even tell any difference in the models sprayed with Fortress Gray and the ones with the gray primer. That little discovery has since saved me a LOT of time.

Since I took this picture I have painted up this unit of Space Wolves and will have pics of them up soon.