Plague Marines

I have recently been inspired to start working on my Chaos Space Marines again. I have decided to flesh out my force with a few units of Plague Marines.

I really liked the way that the colors turned out on my Deathguard Vindicator so I wanted to use bone as the primary colors on these guys. As I was looking around for inspiration I came across these models by AshAxe over at DakkaDakka and knew that was how I wanted to do my own -

I started out on mine by priming them black and then basecoating then with a mix of Bleached Bone and Dheneb Stone using my new airbrush. After this I painted the bottom half of the legs and the shoulder pads with Catachan Green. I hit the armor trim with Dwarf Bronze and then washed the model with Devlan Mud.

I did the backpacks a bit different than the ones above. Instead of painting them all green I did them the same way as the marine - the whole backpack with Bleached Bone and just the exhaust sockets green.

I am really happy with the way my marines turned out. I am planning on modeling up another unit or two and getting some nice Plague Rhinos for them to ride in.