Tyranid Rumors Starting to Trickle In

Here is the latest batch of Tyranid Rumors from around the net -

"-gargoyle : flying/rending/6points

-genestealers 2 brand of : the elite with a 4+ sv and the troop one with the generic save (5+ ? can't remenber). Infiltrate/fleet but don't know if all can do it or if you need to buy an upgrade or a special character.

-tyrant bodyguard can be taken separately

-an apocalypse sized creature is in the codex, it enter in play with a deep strike (in fact an underground strike) with the large template strengh 8 and ap : low (3 maybe, but was something sick) and can make a "buckload" of firing !

-Multiple carnifex can be bought with only one slot.

-warrior got something new but can't remember (i think it was +1hp)

-I heard something about a model shooting 20 times but was speaking with a girl a this point, so i can't say if it's was a weapon or multiple weapon on the same model.

-one eyes, red terror and friends are back in the codex. "

The flying/rending 6 point model strikes me as being quite a bit undercosted. I expect the cost on this to go up or there be some other drawback - maybe low leadership/armor save.

I think it is only natural that they move to the multiple Carnifex/slot since they have set a precident with the IG codex and tanks. Interesting to see if they function as a unit and if it allows cheesy wound allocation - a unit of three Carnifex's kitted out differently would be pretty much impossible to kill with shooting before they hit your line.

It is also looking more and more like the Trygon is going to make it into the codex. I am really excited about this and I am not even a nid player (though I do have a bunch of Genestealers laying in wait...)

The rest of the rumors are pretty slick but outside the 20 shot model don't really mean as much to me since I am not a current Tyranid player - what do those of you that currently play Nids think about all this?