The Mission

Multiplayer; 2 on 2 teams. You can not use your team mates wargear as your own. Locator beacons, icons, etc. (We played at 1500 pts, but this was optional)

Deployment; Cut the 6x4 board in half corner to corner. You cannot deploy within 12" of the center line. Dice off to pick which table half your team chooses and follow brb book for deployment from here.

Upkeep; At the beginning of the turn one of your team members can take a shot and your team functions as normally, However if your team doesn't take a shot no model on your team may move or assault this turn.

Modified Terrain; If you drink a beer, you may place the empty beer bottle on the table at the beginning of your teams turn. (Effects are cumulative.) The empty beer bottle counts as impassible terrain that blocks line of sight and cannot be destroyed.

Objective; Kill points plain and simple... with one simple modification... every shot your team takes you gain 1 kill point.

For Terrain we set up a typical 40k board and thought it lacked something... So we placed a pumpkin in the center of the table that we "borrowed" from a church parking lot earlier in the evening.