Idea - Skyrar's Dark Wolves

I have been thinking about starting another army. I am only working on about five or six right now so what is one more log on the fire?

What army you ask? Why Space Wolves of course. Sort of.

Monkey already has a very impressive Wolves army and I just can't hope to compete with his majestic painting skills so I think I will go another route - enter Skyrar's Dark Wolves!

These guys actually pop up in Codex: Chaos Space Marines. They are in the section that shows off all of the renegade chapters and they have just a smidge of info on them. About all that is said is that they were first spotted in the Fenris sector. Since I am a Chaos Marine player I have gobs of Chaos bits. The new Wolves models look SICK so I think I have the perfect opportunity to create a splinter group of the 13th Great Company that has gone native.

We will see how this plays out - right now I am working on my Imperial Fists pretty heavy and I have been inspired to start back up on my Chaos Space Marines to model up some Death Guard units so in between those I might be able to sneak in a unit of Dark Wolves.