The Depressing Dreadnought

This just makes me sad -

I have an intense love of Dreadnoughts. They are about my favorite thing in the 40k universe. But man is the Chaos Dreadnought ugly. I think this guy is like ten or fifteen years old and he has not aged well. I have 5 Chaos Dreadnoughts and only one of them is the official model. The rest I have converted up out of loyalist and AOBR models.

To me the loyalist models are hands down the best choice. They are easy to convert (because they are plastic) and it isn't hard to 'Chaos' them up.

I don't really think that GW needs to release a new Chaos Dreadnought. I think a simple Chaos Dreadnought upgrade sprue would be enough to get us by. Slap some sarcophagus plates on there, a full compliment of arms - enough to convert two full dreadnoughts with CCW and different Heavy Weapons - and we would be good to go.

What do you guys think? Would you be happy with an upgrade sprue sooner or a new model instead later?

This model was indeed new when I first started playing and that's been 15 years - Jester