Big D's Thoughts on Space Hulk

Monkey and I playing a game

Well it has been a few weeks since Space Hulk arrived at my place. Since then I have gotten in a few games playing as both the Space Marines and as the Genetealers. So far our games have been pretty one sided except for one game - the Genestealers have just ran away with it.

The one game that the stealers didn't prevail in was when I ran them against Jester in a mission that had lots of long hallways and intersections. His goal was to run his squad all the way across the board and exit out a board square. He used cunning tactics in which he ran his TH/SS Sergent in front of one group and his Librarian and Heavy Flamer with another group. He did an excellent job of covering the hallways with overwatch and I could just not bring down the TH/SS marine - I probably threw 20 Genestealers at him.

There is a ton of strategy to this game but it is pretty fast playing - a definite plus. It also captures the feel of 40k. It is grim and dark - you can just FEEL when things are about to start going wrong for you (I swear my heart skips a beat when I roll a jam on an approaching stealer) but at the same time it is awesome when you pop off a lucky shot that can really change the flow of the game.

We have had an absolute blast playing this game so far. I am very glad that I was able to pick a copy of it up at retail and won't have to fight on eBay to get one. It looks like several places still have some copies in stock if you haven't picked one up yet.