Yet Another IG Tank - Traitor Guard Chimera Finished

Here she is in all iher glory. I am about done for a while on painting my guard. I need a break from them for a bit - though we all know I will be back to them sooner or later to add that 2nd executioner and pair of medusas.

I knocked this tank out faster than any other in my collection and probably didn't pay as much attention to detail as I should. However, I think it looks okay. I tried to make the sludge pond in the back of the chimera look clear, by using 'ard coat, and I tried to do some free hand lettering on the turret.

I needed to get this tank together quickly for a tournament this weekend. If I learned anything at the Waaagh was I didnt have enough melta for land raiders. This tournament doesn't allow special characters, so I am fielding a 2nd melta gun toting command squad.

What do you think?