Wife Tactica #3: Tiny Pieces everywhere

So I will let you in on one of my secrets that keeps me in my wife's good graces. Anytime I start a new army I go to Walmart and buy a clear plastic tackle box. Any bits or leftover pieces that I have get tucked away inside it and put out of site and out of mind. This keeps our house looking neat, keeps tiny pointy pieces from sticking the feet, and keeps plastic out of my daughter's mouth.

As I am now putting the finishing touches on my guard army, I will be purchasing another of these in the not too distant future. For what army you may ask? With the polls help, I have decided that i am certainly going to pursue the eldar Wraith List!

The other benefit to this plastic organizer is its always easy to find the bits I need. I have a bin for guard, one for space marines, one for chaos daemons, one for vehicles, and one for random scenery!