Space Hulk Preliminary Review !!!

Just got back from checking out one of the advanced copies of Space Hulk! Here's what I saw!

1. The broodlord is huge! Imagine a bigger genestealer that is bigger and meaner looking

2. The terminators are jaw dropping. The pictures don't do them justice. You get 10 different terminators all in very dynamic poses, all with different equipment. A heavy flamer and an assault cannon are included. The freaking librarian is amazing to boot. Well over $100.00 worth of terminators. The detail on them puts the normal variations to shame.

3. You get 3 sprues of gene stealers, 2 of which are identical. The genestealers are all in cool poses, but my favorite was the one 'emerging' from the floor.

4. The tiles are well done thick cardboard, and have been pressed to give the floors a grid.

5. The minis are all appropriate size for 40k! You can cut off the silly bases they are on, or just model them a bit and use these with your normal armies!

6. The game is packed with bits, books and cardboard. Once it was open there was no way to get it all back inside until things were free'd from their sprues.

Buy the damn game! If not for the minis, then is sure as hell looked cool!