Wildeyedjester Big Waaagh Game 3 - (Ork Week)

For game 3 I played against a new 40k player named Beth. She brought a variety of ork models and was still learning the ropes of the game. She had a very unique paint scheme, and had converted her orks to all be females! They had a pink color scheme and were colored in makeup. Some of my guys died to a 'power purse' - enough said.It was a fun game, but it was one where the dice were all rolling in my favor. Much of the scenario centered around controlling a single objective at the end of the game. Before the first turn it started in the middle of the table and scattered 3d6

Beth did her best to uproot me with the orcs, but the scatter gods were with me and the hellhound paid for itself several times over, as did the executioner and basilisk.

Beth was a great opponent, and with a few more games she will have the system down pat and then her Ork girls will be feared by all.

This game ended with a 20-5 victory for the Traitor Guard