Space Hulk Delivered!!!

Big D and I played our first three games last night.  We took turns playing the marines and frankly we both suck.  The marines are terribly hard to play, and I think there is a definite learning curve to be successful with them.  The game is fast paced and extremely fun to play, and you've heard that the models are bad arse about a million times by now - and seriously they really are that good.


Here are some shots of us setting it up and playing it.  It takes a full 6' table to set the bad boy up on and you end up using a lot more space to boot.  The various rules for different space marine weaponry makes the terminators all play pretty differently, and we learned to respect the marine sergeant with thunder hammer and shield.  He adds 2 to his die rolls, and reduces the dice that gene stealers throw.  He was really pretty difficult to take down and he killed about 12 genesteelers before he was drug down to his death.

Its a very fun game.  If you ordered it, you won't be disappointed, for sure.