Purity Seal Issue

I posted this in the forum a while back -

I bought a new can of Purity Seal this week and I just went to seal my Forgeworld Khorne Terminators and it ruined them. It looks like I sprayed them with white primer.

I have never had this happen before and I have been using this stuff for years. Anyone else have this problem lately?
I ended up getting quite a few responses full of information that I wish I would have known before I freaked out. This post from littleboyblues was especially helpful -

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Blue Horror Telling a Knock Knock Joke

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It was the humitdity

"The Horror Story : I finished the dreads and clear coated them and went out when they were dry to bring them in... and they were covered in a white haze. So after pacing and freaking out 2 days before my tourney deadline I called around to the local solid painters and searched on the interwebz to see if their was a quick fix. (aka not stripping and doing it over) I found 2 ways to fix the problem. 1. zip kicker super glue accelerant. 2. gloss clear and then flat clear on top of that. Having nothing to loose at all. I went the next day (now the night before the tournament) and bought everything I needed from the local hobby shop. I tried about 5 coats of zip kicker and it did look better but it was still what I would called ruined. So I glossed it and took it into the bath room to let it dry with all the lights and heat lamp on and the fan. It was the humidity that did it so I've learned. And after the coat of Gloss it looked like new again. I then hit it with flat clear and did the same thing. Applied the static grass about 2 am the night before the tourney. Talk about close! "

From my painting blog on dakka. Simply gloss coat on it and keep the humidity in check however you can. After it dries flat clear on top of that. done!


It looks like you can fix this problem if it isn't too bad by respraying the models again in the right conditions. I tried that one some Chaos Spawn that I had laying around (not really worried about ruining them) and this is the results that I got -

This model has been sprayed twice -

These models have only been sprayed once with the foggy sealer -

You can't really tell from the pictures that well but the bottom two models are more foggy than the top one - but it is still a bit foggy.

The general consensus seems to think that humidity has the biggest part to play in foggy sealing and fuzzy primer. It also looks like if you do end up with some foggy models you can lessen the effect by sealing them again in more favorable conditions.

I vowed to not let this happen again so I bought a Hygrometer from Amazon.com. This thing cost about $15 but if it saves me from a bad prime/sealing on even one unit it will more than have paid for itself.