Space Hulk Tiles Close Ups

Space Hulk has arrived, and one of the few complaints we have heard people express was that the board tiles weren't plastic. Really? If they had been plastic I think the box set would have cost about 300$ and it would have weighed a ton. Also, the card tiles that are in the box are downright amazing. They are very thick - close to 1/4", printed on a very heavy duty cardboard. The tiles have great artwork on them with a glossy overcoat, and each piece has been pressed to put sunken areas in on each of the movement squares. Here is a close up of a pair of the rooms from the game.

To us (super fans of FFG board games) this seems very much like what we have grown to expect from games like Descent, Runebound and the like. We are personally thinking that FFG has made and printed the game for GW and just placed the GW logo on the box.