Space Hulk Shipping Early?

Interesting things are happening...

I was checking out the forums on Friday and I saw a post saying that someone (I forget who) had received an email from Games Workshop saying that their copy of Space Hulk had shipped. Then they got another email saying that their system was messed up and it wont ship out until next week for delivery on the fifth.

I got home yesterday and had to turn around and head right back out. My wife said that I had received a package but I figured it was my packet for The World Wide War from 40k radio so I didn't open it.

A few hours later when I got home I grabbed the box and thought it was a bit heavy. It was also from Games Workshop.

Sure enough, my copy of Space Hulk came in about a week early.

So far I am REALLY impressed with the models. You hear everyone just raving about how awesome the Terminators are - and they are - but man, lets give the Genestealers some love. I was absolutely floored by the Broodlord.

Tonight WildEyedJester and I are planning on getting in a few games. We will be sure to post some pics and let you guys know how the game plays.