White Dwarf Archive - Online at Games Workshop

I was checking out the Whats New Today blog over at Games Workshop and they had a pretty neat announcement up - Games Workshop is now hosting a large selection of articles from White Dwarf up on their site. You can check the hosted articles out at this link - White Dwarf Archive.

I think this is a great thing to do on GWs part. When they moved over to the new website format they took down a TON of really great gaming and modeling articles. This move looks like a step in the right direction to get some of that back.

I have clicked through a couple of the articles and they are very high quality. The articles looks like they are either scans or printer proofs of the articles from White Dwarf. You can either download the items as a pdf or you can view them in your web browser (if you are brave - mine always locks up)

One section that really caught my eyes is the painting section. They have a selection the Masterclasses articles. These articles are just really fun to read. They are full of great tips and have helped me out with color selection and techniques.

The White Dwarf Archive is only open to registered members. If you have bought something off of the GW site then you are already registered. If you aren't it is free and worth doing to check out the archives.