Regalia: Competition Shirts for the Hogs of War

The Hogs of War are, of course, going to Memphis for the Big Waaagh. With the tournament's competition for the best club T-shirts and banners, we simply had to rise to the occasion. Rather than going with a standard gaming T-shirt we decided to do something a bit different and went with the bowling shirt angle. Overall I am very pleased with how they turned out and I highly recommend the folks over at They were able to take my mad rambligs and design ideas and turn them into this:

So if you read the blog and spot us in the shirts at the Big Waaagh or another random tournament make sure to let us know about it! If you like the blog, look for me - my shirt says Jeremy on it - and let me hear what you think! If you hate the blog or are just looking to pick a random fight look for Big D - His shirt says Will on it. I'm sure its all his fault!

So what do you think?