Chaos Daemons Display Board

Last year at The Big Waaagh I didn't have a display board and I wished I did. Aside from making your army look really slick they are a huge help in moving your army from one spot to the next. For this years Waaagh I decided that I would definitely make one.

I was about halfway through making my board (granted it was just going to be a piece of insulation foam painted brown) when Jester forwarded this thread to me from over at DakkaDakk.

I was just floored. The gaming table in that thread looks absolutely stunning.

We started talking and figured that we would start working on one of these to have to game on. After looking at the post for a bit I realized that I could use the same principles in my display board.

Well, a bit later my board was looking like this -

I used a bread knife to cut out a large secion on the bottom and then used my hot wire cutter to shape out the islands. I had a tall section left over from Jester's board so I glued it down to make a cliff face. The plan is to cut out the circle section on the top and side and have a pool of lava with a leak in it flowing down to the bottom.

I have since painted this board black and will be doing the sand on it next.