Rumor - New Weathering Powders from Games Workshop or Forgeworld

I wasn't going to put too much stock in this rumor but then I saw it in two different places.

Over at Dakka Dakka there is a thread that says that Games Workshop will putting out a line of weathering powders.

And then, over at Warseer there is a similar thread that says that Forgeworld is coming out with a line of weathering powder.

Most people seem to think that it will just be a repacked MIG line of powders. The only problem with MIG is that they are hard to find and when you do find them shipping is usually really high.

I know that Jester has had really good luck on using Tamiya (I think) weathering powder on his tanks. Maybe one of these days he will write us up a little tutorial (if he hasn't already and I just missed it)

What do you guys think? Is there any interest from the community for this? Do you think it will really happen?