Chaos Daemons Display Board - adding the lava

Adding the lava into the groove that I cut in the board was the most frustrating part of this project. For the lava I used a tube of white silicon caulk. I cut the tip off, put it in the caulk gun, and then squeezed it out into the channel.

Man this stuff was sticky. I am not known fore being super careful and neat so I did get a bit of the caulk up on my display board. I was trying my best to keep it off the edges of the grooves but that plan went out the window on pull two of the caulk gun lever.

One tube of caulk was exactly what I needed for my board so there was no waste. That was nice.

Once I had the caulk in a bead in the crack it was time for the fun to start. I grabbed an old paintbrush and started to smooth it out into a 'flow' pattern. This is what was frustrating. This stuff was just so sticky. Very tricky to work with.

Once the caulk dried (about two days) I went over it with yellow as you can see in the pic above. When that dried I hit it with some orange and then red.

I think the biggest thing was that I hadn't done this before and that made it frustrating. I just didn't know how it was going to turn out. If I do this again I don't think it will be that bad at all. Even though I had a bit of the caulk go where it wasn't supposed to the final result ended up working out for me. Next post I will show you the army all set up on the finished board.