The Hive Mind Stirs

The hive mind is on the move. Today (after work and packing and such), several of us head out on our journey to the Big Waaagh. The Nids are as done as they are going to be. I am opting for a list with less horde and more zilla (6 monstrous creatures). I am going to need things that will kill marines and MEQ. This also means that I will need things that can scratch up vehicles. Expecting to see lots of Rhinos, drop pods, dreads and Sterng. So my list is more geared for quality over quantity. No 32 model gaunts units, or even a smaller gaunt unit without number. If you can't earn your points, your not on the team. So my 6 troops are oh-so-cuddly Genestealers and the always-early-to-the-party Hormagaunts (beasts). Should be interesting and lots of fun.

My display board is nothign too fancy. Couple cut layers of insulation; glued down a few patches of bassalt and sprue bits; fished out some bits from my boxand; grouped them into rubble/ruins piles; painted it all in a matchng color scheme as my models (shades of gray/black. I highlighted the ridges to make it pop a little more. Simple yet very practical.