Blastscape Reviews Are Rolling In

Looks like several people have received their Blastscape Terrain. So far the reviews are not that great for them. The general consensus seems to be that it is a good bargain for the money, but they are a bit on the flimsy side.

John over at John's Toy Soldiers has a mini review up on the set that he received. There is also a thread over at Dakka that shows some detail shots and compares it to the GW studio painted models. Either he got a bad mold or the quality on these really slipped.

Here is the factory shot of the crashed ship

I know that WildEyedJester picked up a set of the vacuum formed craters. They are a bit on the flimsy side but they didn't cost much.

And here is what the poster at Dakka received.

Does anyone on here have a set of these yet? What do you guys think about em?