Battle Report 1850 Space Wolves (Monkey) vs. Traitor Guard (Wildeyedjester)

Space Wolves vs. Traitor Imperial Guard (1850 points)
Imperial Guard:
· Leman Russ, Executioner w/ plasma sponsons squadron
· 2 Hydra Squadron
· Basilisk
· Vendetta
· Vendetta
· Hellhound with Multimelta
· 7 psyker choir in Chimera
· CCS in Chimera with 3 meltas, officer of fleet
· Penal Legion X 2
· 2 infantry squads w/ lascannon, one had commissar and power weapon
· 1 normal infantry squad
· 1 platoon squad
· 1 spec weapons squad
Space Wolves:
· Land Raider Redeemer filled with Wolf Lord, 2 wolves, and 9 blood claws with powerweapon and fists.
· 2 rhinos filled with blood claws and upgrade character, powerweapon, melta, powerfist
· 4 wolf scounts, powerfist
· 1 rhino with grey hunters, meltagun, librarian
· Vindicator
· Predator,TL autocannon and lascannons
· Venerable Dreadnought
· Attack Bike with Multi Melta
Setup: We roll to play a RT tournament scneario. This has 12” deployment zones. The objectives include holding the most terrain pieces at the end of the game with scoring units and winning with kill points. It also has an element where one of your elite or fast non armored squads is designated secretly as a suicide squad. This unit, if gotten into assault will detonate and be replaced with a large blast STR 8 AP 3. You got points for detonating your own squad, a couple for detonating against an enemy HQ, and a few points if you could kill the enemies suicide squad before they blew up.
I roll to go first and pick my side. we get all the way set up and the space wolf player (Monkey) seizes the initiative.
I am set up with a basilisk in the far left corner ringed by a squad of troops. Toward the middle of my edge I deploy my hydra flak tanks slightly forward, flanked to one side by the battle tank squadron. On my right flank, I deploy my hellhound and both chimeras. I then deployed a long line of troops behind my tanks in the middle of the board to prevent the scouts from being able to come on to the board behind me and charge my vulnerable tanks. I deploy one vendetta on my right flank, and one in the middle of the board just in front of my hydras. My plan is to push forward with the things on the right and slow down the space wolf charge with my chimeras and hellhounds to allow myself some time to open his transports and shoot up his units. The only unit monkey has that can be the suicide squad is his scouts. They will come on and only be able to charge a platoon squad, which is a suitable sacrifice….. My suicide squad will be my psykers….
Monkey deploys his furioso and single assault bike directly across from my basilisk. The Landraider filled with doom deploys in the middle of the board across from my greatest fire power. He is careful to keep it away from my hellhound and CCS chimera. The vindicator deploys mid table with the predator deploying in the open farther back. His 3 rhinos deploy opposite my chimeras. As said previously he seizes the initiative.
Turn 1:
Monkey surges forward with full movement on all rhinos and pops smoke. The land raider zips forward 12” and shoots up a few soldiers. The assault bike moves forward and misses. The vindicator fires at my exposed tanks and shakes the battletank russ. The predator fires at a vendetta and shakes it as well. The furioso runs toward my lines.
I begin the game in a rough spot with a lot of my fire power down for the turn. The space wolves are nearly to my lines, because of the stolen initiative. My vendetta moves forward a bit to stand between the land raider and my hydras and manages to wreck the vindicator in its cover. My chimeras and hellhound move forward, but fail to do any damage to anything, other than shaking 2 rhinos in tandem with my executioner, which is of no consequence. The shaken vendetta moves forward to threaten the predator next turn and get open shots down the line of armor. The rest of my shooting is ineffective for the turn. Through combined light arms fire I kill off the attack bike.
Turn 2:
His rhinos move into close proximity to my chimeras and fire with meltaguns, making ready to disembark next turn for the charges. Monkey also rolls the needed ‘5’ and his scouts come onto the board in the only place I have left for them. The venerable dread advances and fires its assault cannon at my basilisk but fails to find purchase. Monkey moves forward again with his armor and his land raider is in my midst. The troops disembark from the assault vehicle and make ready to charge numerous targets.
He fires his predator at the vendetta in the center of my lines causing it to explode. Its special weapons squad leaps to safety losing two of their number. They disembark under the vendetta hull using its size to their advantage. They form a long screen in front of my hydras to keep as many space wolves away as possible. The space wolves from the raider fire at the little unit and inflict a few more wounds before charging them and throwing only a single powerfist against my hydras.
The assault, of course, goes badly for my troop squad and they are destroyed to the man. The space wolves also manage to destroy one of the two hydras.
His suicide scout squad charges my 20 man unit and detonates killing 12 of them. The commissar in the unit does an adequate amount threatening and screaming and the unit holds following the explosion.
IG turn 2 – Both of my penal legions come on to the board. I throw one stubborn unit in front of the venerable to slow him down for a turn or two, but I don’t charge him. This keeps him from being able to get to my basilisk and effectively puts him out of the fight due to their stubborn leadership. If he charges them, he won’t finish them off for many turns. My other penal legion comes in on an almost unoccupied side of the board and I throw them into cover to claim it as mine through scoring. I don’t think monkey will be able to get to this terrain or clear them out, so I am pretty sure this will pay off.
My hydra backs away 6” leaving the deadly lord and blood claw combo in the open, and my excecutioner and russ open up on them. Following the shooting there are only 4 marines left, but it is still more than enough to be a problem.
My CCS chimera flies 12” toward the land raider, and they jump out and try to ‘bring it down’ with the melta guns. 2 miss and one penetrates and I score an immobilized result. I also plan on sacrificing this unit so that I can detonate my psyker squad against whatever monkey decides to charge out of his rhino with. It should be noted that up to this point the librarian had rendered the squad useless with his psychic hood.
The remainder of my shooting is pretty ineffective.

Turn 3:
Space Wolves – The venerable dreadnought shoots the penal legion but does not charge them. A unit of blood claws lead by a upgrade hero emerges from their rhino to massacre my CCS, but leaves them in the open and within reach of my psyker squad to detonate against.
The nightmare lord unit in the middle of the board leaves the hydra, and assaults the leman russ squad. It destroys the battle tank by immobilizing it and shakes the executioner.
His predator destroys a lascannon on my remaining vendetta and a meltagun wrecks the rhino that my psyker squad are inside of. The multimelta and assault cannons shoot at but do not damage my basilisk since it is stranded nearly 24” away.
IG – I punch it with my executioner and move the tank a full 11” away from its agressors. I move my shaken hydra to stand between the lord with his squad, and my basilisk surrounded by troops. I also move what remains of my commissar squad to block his advance.
My vendetta immobilizes the dreadnought, and my basilisk and combined light arms fire reduce the lords squad to none, leaving him standing with 2 wounds and having used his armor save reroll.
My psychic choir moves in and detonates destroying the remaining squad to the man, with some follow up shooting from chimeras and hellhound.
Space Wolf Turn 4 –
The lord continues to kill things on his own as he charges and wipes out what is left of my commissar’s infantry platoon, destroying them to a man. The predator immobilizes my vendetta and it falls to the ground. Monkey again advance his grey hunters squad in their rhino and fires at my hellhound with the meltas .
IG turn 4- Finally the hydra does as it should and opens up the remaining blood claw rhino, allowing my executioner to work its magic. The entire squad falls to its plasma weaponry. Combined light arms fire and basilisk fire lay the lord low. My hellhound zips across the board to block line of sight from the predator to my immobilized vendetta.
Turn 5 –
The space wolf turn is pretty uneventful. Monkey annihilates what is left of my two scoring units on one side of the table with his rhino, dreadnought, and land raider shooting. He has no troops left and only has rhinos and his predator. At this point all of them are out of range of my only remaining penal legion. The predator opens up on my hellhound and blows its multimelta off.
This possibly being the last turn, I decide to clean up what I can for KP. My lascannons and combined fire this turn destroy two empty rhinos, and my hellhound fails to find purchase on the back of the predator.
We roll a die to see if there is a 6th turn and there is not…… It ends as it is.
Scoring: IG Space Wolves
Detonate you suicide squad 5 5
Destroy the enemy Suicide Squad 0 0
Detonate you SS against enemy HQ 0 0
Claim terrain pieces 3 0
Kill all enemy fast and Elites 3 0
Win on Kill Points 3 0
Total: 14 5