Hydra Assembly Guide - Forgeworld

I got two of the new Hydra forgeworld kits recently, and after looking around on the internet I couldnt find any reviews or instructions on how to assemble them. They are great looking tanks and really stick out on the table top. However, they are an older kit and they have some issues. None of these are too great to overcome, but still, you must be prepared to do some extra work to get them to look good.

Here are the kits as I opened the box: They are basically just a pair of chimeras minus some bits. I was actually a bit bummed that not all of the pieces were included - as this prevents me from using those bits for terrain and the like. The hydra pieces were in little bags:

Here is the instructions that come in the box. Really just some pretty pictures:

These are the pieces the kit comes with:

Step 1 is to build a chimera in the same manner that you would build a basilisk. I had luck with assembling one half first and then attaching the long flat piece that the turret goes into:

2. Next you attack the odd piece at the back of the chimera. This extends the back out a bit, but it fits terribly. The piece is not wide enough to fit between the two treads and will leave a gap you will have to fill with green stuff. Worse yet, the kit is designed to leave about a 1/4" gap on the bottom of the tank. I also had to do some trimming up top to make the flat piece that was just glued on to overlap correctly.

This has to be filled in and below has to be covered with plasticard:

3. Next the turrets are glued together. These go together without a snag, though you may need to look at my resin correction blog entry. My barrels came all bent to crud and had to be fixed. The turret sits down nicely within the body of the tank.

Now just to make them traitor like and for priming. I do the treads separately so I can prime them black