New Ork Deff Rolla Spotted?

I was looking through the advance copy of Warhammer 40k Planet Strike at our local Hobby Town and I spotted something that I thought was pretty interesting. It looks like in one of the hobby pictures they are fielding a Battlewagon with a Deff Rolla and maybe a Lobba. Could this be off the new Battlewagon sprue rumored to be coming out in August?

Take a look at the pics I found on the net below and let us know what you think.

For comparison here is the ForgeWorld upgrade -

You can't really tell from the pictures I found but the connecting arms on the pics in Planet Strike are bent at about a 45 degree angle at one point and the Forge World kit looks like it is straight. The actual Rolla part is also quite a bit different in each picture.

Be sure to take a look for yourself next time you are at your local game shop and let us know what you think!