Speed Painting Imperial Guard Troops - Part 2

In case you missed it - Part 1

For my first batch of troops I decided to use some Steel Legion models that I got in a trade a while back. All of the models came to me painted, so I had to strip the paint off of them. The paint came off of most of them quite well, but a few ended up with quite a bit left on.

One of the secrets to my speed painting technique is that I prime everything black. This does end up in a darker color pallette but that is what I am going for anyway. By priming black if you miss any spots they don't stick out like a giant beacon of white.

The next thing that I do after priming my models is to break out my airbrush. For these troops I am going to be basecoating them all Fortress Grey. Most sources I have found reccomend mixing GW paints 50/50 with water to get good airbrush results. I have found that rubbing alcohol does a much better job. By using alcohol it does not dilute the color down near as much and the paint also dries extremely quickly. I must note that this does not work well at all with the foundation paints. It makes the paint come out in little globs. Quite a mess.

Next I just pick out the base colors on the model. Brown for shoes, a dark metal for the lasgun and gas mask, and maybe just a touch of color here and there. I chose Scab Red for the Aquilla on the gun and lightning bolt on the arm.

Next post I will show you how I bring it all together and add shading and highlights all in one quick step and how to base your models.

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