Plague Marines with Rhino - Rotting goodness

Big D loves his Nurgle so this should be right up his alley. Plague marines and their ride. A rhino of Nurgle should be about ready to fall apart. So I put an extra amount of dings and holes in this one. I put large blast holes here and there and you will notice they are oozing puss. I rhino can be diseased to, right? The front spikes are bent (by heating over the stove), broken and bloodied to add that Road Warrior feel.

For the interior I tried to make it look organic as well as industrial. All my rhino interiors have a functionality to them (helmets, guns, knives, ammo, etc). A mixture of several browns and greens over the normal metalics gives it that infested look. I also watered down some red and litterally splattered it here and there for some extra gore.

Next on the list is a Khorne rhino.