Eldar Jet Bike Conversion Idea

For those of you that are wondering how to get a Farseer on a jet bike and not have his skirt and robes get in the way of the console, I have your solution. I figured, like a true Eldar psychic, he is going to need room to move and gesture angrily at his foes. Sitting in a jet bike seat will just not do. So I used some spare bits (fantasy shield, eldar support weapon gun shield, paperclip and IG spot light) and made a ride-along canpoy. Easy to make and very Eldar. The main thing is to make sure your platform is sturdy and will not easily snap off because it will be supporting a metal model. The railing is a bent paperclip. Who says 40K stuff is always expensive?

The models themselves are nothing special. I did reposition the Farseer's staff to look more directed and less pointing it up toward nowhere. With so much more weight on the back now, the base had to be modified to support it so it didn't do an Eldar wheelie. I used a plastic divider from one of my tacklebox cases and clued the jetbike base to it. Done!