The Changeling

Since GW doesn't have a model for the changeling - and he/she/it is only about 5 points to take so you gotta have him/her/it - I decided I would model one up out of the corpse cart driver pieces I had left over from my Khorne Herald Chariot.

This was a crazy easy conversion. I had two pieces of cart driver cloak left over - the sword arm and the pointing arm. Both pieces had about 1/3 of the cloak on them. I glued both of these pieces down to the base before proceeding. This allowed me to have a firm base to work from.

In order to replace the missing cloak I just rolled out a piece of green stuff, flattened it out, and draped it over the two other cloak pieces. I then took one of my sculpting tools, coated the tips in Vaseline, and started smoothing. In just a few minutes I had a pretty seamless empty cloak standing up on a base.

Next up was the painting. I just slapped some blue on this guy and then hit it with some blue wash. Quick and dirty, but it matches the rest of unit of Horrors quite well.