Blood Angels Rhino - Working at Freehand

Lets face it.  In any tournament, where painting is figured in - you stand a pretty good shot if your army has a few things going for it.  A bright color scheme, some good conversions, or good freehand will typically grab a persons or judges eye faster than other armies without these things.

As such, with my 'blood angels' army I have tried to become a better freehand painter.  This is my latest painting goal, and you can see my continued efforts on the traitor leman russ I painted last time.  The chaos symbols on the side of it are also free handed.  They eye symbol, the roman numeral and the wording is all free handed.  I like the numeral and the eye, but I really have a hard time with lettering.  Like my penmanship, my word painting is always terrible! I am working at improving the script I paint on purity seals and within the eye itself, so any pointers would be great!

My angels chapter is a successor chapter of the Angels Sanguine, so they maintain the colors of black and red in tribute.  I have also incorporated bone into the scheme and have painted this dark eye on all of their shoulder pads.  I call my chapters the Sanguine Occuli.  I will post more about my chapters fluff later - but for now, what do you think?