Hooray for Pewter Boobies!!

I found this model in my bits box, and then I promptly sold it on ebay for $40.00. I really don't think its that great of a model. Its pretty static and rather blah. Yes its a female commissar, and yes you can see her cleavage. Does this make this model worth $40.00? I really didn't think so.

What is truly ironic about this situation is I remember when I bought this model. It was the only commissar in the shop at the time, and I purchased two of these. I remember thinking, man where are the cool commissar models? (This was about 12 years back). I also remember thinking that I needed these for a tournament and so I bought a pair of them in blisters. That terribly painted IG army that included the first female commissar has long since sailed to another home, but apparently I still had one of these models laying around. She has now sailed to a different home as well, and will soon be replaced with another Valkyrie/Vendetta. I think I got a good trade out of the deal and maybe she has found someone who will appreciate her for her 'charms'.

This reminds me, I need to post my agitator (commissar) for the traitor guard I use. It is one of my favorite  Warhammer 40k conversions.