Pink Horrors Conversion

I am not a fan of units of metal models. They are expensive and nothing gets under my skin like putting together ten or twenty flimsy pewter models. Some of the most flimsy pewter models I have ever come across are the Pink Horrors of Tzeentch. They are like little spindly balls with long thin arms connected back to a shallow scorp in the side of an amorphous blob.

No way.

After I put the second one of these lovely little guys together I pried my fingers apart and started looking for some different models to use. The main ideas are using either WHFB Dryads or Ghouls for these guys. Since Wildeyedjester already was using some Ghouls in his army I decided I would go the Dryad route.

The Dryads ended up being a solid choice. They are just a spindly and thin as the metal models but they are plastic. You can actually glue them together. There are also tons of ways you can put these guys together so they do not end up looking uniform at all.

Once I had em glued together painted was easy. I primed em white and hit half of them with blue wash and the other half with red wash. I then picked out the bone and claws with a nice bright orange and a few other details with some reds and greens.

These guys have been suprisingly good on the battlefield. They can lay down a ton of fire and are also a really good tarpit for Dreadnaughts and other high strength-low attack models.