Converted Thousand Sons

After I got my Noise Marines converted up I decided I would tackle Tzeentch next. I kept an eye out at my LFHS for a box of Thousand Sons but never was able to catch a box in stock when I had the funds for em.

After a while as I was sititng putting together yet another unit of Khorne Berzerkers from a battleforce box set I had an idea. Khorne Berzerkers heads kind of look like Thousand Son heads. All they needed was a bit of love - and green stuff.

The first one of these that I did took forever. It also turned out really bad. After that it went pretty fast. They still don't look great if you look right at the crest but the whole model just screams Thousand Sons to be. That and the Denver Bronco's as Monkey said when I showed them to him.

The funnest part about converting these guys was the paint job. It was crazy simple. I primed them white - washed them blue - and then picked out the trim with Blazing Orange. The metal got a nice layer of Tin Bitz and they were done.

I don't have the bases done yet - I paint all my bases seperate and then blue my guys down. I have used these guys in two game so far and they have blown me away. I would say they have been tied for survivability with my Plague Marines.