Rogue Trader RPG - FFG

You may or may not know that our group also plays Dark Heresy RPG  from time to time.  It is a solid game, with a very unique character driven system.  It has some rules flaws, but overall it is very good.  FFG has done a splendid job of picking up and taking over when GW and the Black Library suddenly, and without warning, called it quits a few days after their initial run of the rulebooks sold out.  FFG bought my groups loyalty with their maneuver to pick up the license, and we have been die hard supporters of their fine line of games ever since.

Once upon a time I considered myself to be more of a RPG gamer than a wargamer.  Over time this has changed with the passing of the years to be reveresed - mainly due to time and family constraints - or perhaps because of middle age ADD onset.   I just find it hard to sit down for marathon gaming sessions of RPGS. I often end up thinking about the painting I would rather be doing or etc.  However, Dark Heresy is one of, if not the, coolest setting to game in ever. If there is a single setting that holds my attention, this is it.

But, as the summer draws nearer, there is yet another title that I am extremely interested in........

I cannot stinking wait!  I call dibs on being the first to run some games out of this badboy!

Anyone else out there looking forward to this title?