Building the Valkyrie/Vendetta Part 2 (Tips and Tricks)

The engines are not as difficult as some of the other parts. Again, if you are careful, you can keep the top portion not attached to the valk as you assemble it, which will make painting the inside much easier. Again, I used a couple of rubber bands to keep everything flush, and to allow me to work on other pieces instead of holding this for hours. Just outside that window it is raining, and the humidity is very high - so the glue is taking forever to dry!

Next was the fuselage. I went ahead and converted the heads inside to zombies. There is a plastic hatch that goes over both of them, and if you don't position them just right and test fit the model, you won't ever get them to fit!

Then I test fitted the stand. The plastic stand is the bee's knees. Unfortunately it takes some sizing and trimming to get it to fit just right as well. It should slide almost 1/4 of an inch into your model once its sized right. Its very sturdy and looks pretty slick as well.

Next was time to add some preliminary bits to make this baby look more chaos like! You can also see how the conversions have worked out for the vendetta. I will make it look a little more traitor like when I paint it up!