Great Unclean One

My favorite Chaos faction is hands down Nurgle. I love the fluff, the colors, the models, and the rules. As I have been working on my Chaos Daemons army I have started picking up all of the Greater Daemon models. The first one I decided to tackle was the Great Unclean one.

As far as models go this one is absolutely beautiful (if rot and such is your thing.) The level of detail on this guy is just amazing. You can see all these little bumps and holes. This thing just looks like it is oozing.

I have seen some amazing paint jobs on this model as well as some that just don't do it justice. I was a bit concerned when I started painting him because I didn't want my paint job to detract form the model. After thinking about it for a bit I decided I would do him the same way I have painted the rest of my army - airbursh a base coat, pick out the details in a solid color, and wash.

I did a few color tests on the scratch built plaguebearers that I sculpted and decided to go with Camo Green for the base coat. I was originally thinking Catachan Green but it ended up being too dark. I didn't want all the detail to get muted out because I would be putting a dark wash over the top of everything anyways.

Once I had the basecoat on I started picking out details. I basically grabbed up every pot of brown and green I had and started picking out details. I hit the areas of puss and bone with Bleached Bone and painted up the tongue and intestines with Scab Red.

Once I had all the details painted a solid color I broke out the airbrush again and filled it up with Devlan Mud. One quick coat later and you have what you see below.

I have since painted two other Greater Daemons - the Bloodthirster and the Keeper of Secrets. This one is still my favorite. The colors just blend so well together and I just love the model.