Building the Valkyrie/Vendetta Part 1 (Tips and Tricks)

Okay so this thing is an awesome model. But mix in some big pieces that want to torque on you, add just a slight bit of humidity, it becomes a real challenge to assemble. This is the box when I opened it:

Just look at all the plastic goodness. There is a gob of pieces. Be ready with sprue Cutter and an X-acto. The weird angles on the spures will require you to trim extra flash and plastic nobs off once you've freed the pieces.

The first thing you assemble is the troop compartment. If you want, you can actually leave the top piece free, so you will be able to paint the inside later! Rubber bands are your friend here, holding all the pieces snug and preventing the torque from popping your pieces out of their glue!

Next is the Wings! I took the two sides and placed a paperclip within them so that I could use a magnet to interchange out lascannons and other weapon options under the wings: