Valkyrie to Vendetta Lascannons

Here is the twin linked lascannons I am making in advance to put onto my Valkyrie.

These are the standard sponson lascannons from a predator.  I had two pairs of them left over after finishing a couple of blood angel baal predators.  You simply take the left and right lascannon and remove the rivets on the sides without the skulls.  Then its simply a matter of gluing them together.

My plan is to add magnets to the tops, and then place magnets within the valkyrie wings so that I can switch between missiles, rocket pods and lascannon.  I already have the magnets, which I got from Hobby Lobby and they are strong enough to hold through plastic.  I use this trick on my sponsons with my Leman Russes.  I just need to wait until Saturday to get my Valkyrie, so I can see where the magnets need to go in the lascannons to make them mount correctly on the wings.