My thoughts on the new Chaos Spawn models

I recently purchased the Chaos Tide of Spawn boxed set from Games Workshop. I was quite excited because of the models I had seen online. These guys had everything I liked about modeling right off the sprue - tons of bits, lots of ways to configure them, and really neat pieces.

Unboxing the models was quite an experience. I ended up with five sprues of Chaos Spawns and all the sprues that come out a box of regular Chaos Space marines. It was a bits overdose!

Each sprue of Chaos Spawn had tons of extra bits. There were about 8 heads per sprue, 6 different pairs of arms, and gobs and gobs of tentacles, spikes, eyes, and other little bits.

I started cutting out bits with my sprue cutters and dropped them into a ziploc. By the time I was done I prety much had a full sandwich bag of Chaos Spawn bits.

Over the next few days I started putting together spawn. The first few went great. After about the fifth spawn I started getting bits fatigue. As many different combinations of pieces there were I started to feel burnt out.

It was just almost too much trying to put them all together at once. I think the way to enjoy your spawn assembly the most would be to take it slowly. Work on assembling a pair at a time instead of trying to put together all your models at once. Take your time - they aren't going anywhere!

Now that they are all done I am happy with them again. The next step will be to paint them all. I usually work on groups of models several at a time. Since these are spawn and don't have to be as coherent as the rest of my troops I think I will take my own medicine and work on only two at a time. I will let you know how it goes.