Tutorial Link - Painting Non-Metallic Metallics

Painting non-metallic metallics, or NMM, is a pretty hot topic right now on several of the boards that I frequent. Basically you use several different colors of non-metallic paint to make an area look like it is metal. Steel and gold are the most common but I have seen some really impressive blues out there as well.

Even though I am not that interested in using this technique on my Chaos Space Marines I think that I can improve my painting by trying out this technique. I recently came across this tutorial from a post over at coolminiornot.com. I read through the article and found it to do a good job explaining how to perform this technique. While I was reading it I realized that this would work perfectly for blending the layers on my Chaos Space Marines armor. I plan on giving it a shot tonight.

I will definitely post some pictures and let you know how it turns out.