How to build a cheap light tent - part 2

The last post on this subject had a few resources on building your own light tent. Since I have been taking more and more pictures of my miniatures I decided it was time to build one.

I decided to follow this set of directions that I got from the author of It was the cheapest and easiest of the plans I could find.

I went to Wal-Mart and bought a good sized box and a bed sheet. The total cost for my light tent was under $8. I still need to line the box with white paper and put a back in it to make it just a bit brighter.

I have taken a few pictures in the box so far and it is working great.

Below are the pictures from my endeavor. I think I might have built slightly too large of a box for what I am photographing. In the future I will pick up a smaller box and have another go at it. I will let you know which size works best.