Book Review - Overview of what I have recently read

I have just started reading the 40k books and have made my way though about 5 of them so far. I started out with the first book in the Horus Heresy saga and was impressed. It didn't really capture my attention right off the bat because I was expecting it to move faster than it did. It did an excellent job at laying the foundation and then really gets good in a few parts. The last chapter of the book just made it for me.

After that I moved on to the Eisenhorn collection and just loved it. It starts out fast paced and gets better from there. The last book in the series was my least favorite. I think it was because you become emotionally attached to the characters and really bad stuff starts happening to them. Overall it was fantastic and for the price you can't beat it - it is about $11 for three collected books.

I am currently about finished with the first book in the Last Chancers collection. So far it has been very entertaining and I think it is about to get really good. I think they end up fighting the Tau at some point so I am a bit skeptical of that but for the price you really can't go wrong. Like the other collected books this one is about $11 for 3 books.

Once I finish this I am planning on picking up the Grey Knights and Dark Adeptus books.

In future posts I will try to get into a little bit more detail on each book.