Squad Caro - Lobster Man Completed

In a previous post I showed you some pictures of a WIP model I called Lobster Man. I spent a little bit more time on him and he is now finished.

I painted him the same was as the rest of the units with the exception of his claw. I wanted the claw to look like a lobster claw so I went with Blood Red. I then washed that with Blood Red/Chaos Black/Water to darken it up. I started going back over it with Blood Red to add highlights but you couldn't tell I was actually doing anything so I left it the way it was.

For the bony areas I painted it like I do all my bone - Bleached Bone/Chestnut Ink/Bleached Bone.

As with all the units I have standing in water after he was sealed I put down some Shiny Varnish and he was good to go. Check out the pictures below.

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