Death Guard - Squad Pusto - 001

Here is a picture of one of my rank-and-file Death Guard. I painted his Shoulder Pad purple to match the rest of my army.

I started out by priming him White and then did a base coat of Catachan Green. I then painted the trim with Chaos Black and went over that with Tin Bitz. Next I washed over the green with a mix of wash of Catachan Green and Chaos Black. I then highlighted the raised areas with an increasing mix of Catachan Green and Bleached Bone.

For the weapons and backpacks I started with black, drybrushed them with Tin Bitz, then Boltgun Metal, and then washed them with a Catachan Green.

For the base I put down a muddy mix of Catachan Green and Bestial Brown and after sealing I went over it with some Varnish to make it shiny.

I put this guy up over at - here is a link. I think he looks better than the last guy I did but we will see. score -