Cool Mini or Not - Squad Caro - 001

I put a few pics of a rank-and-file Chaos Space Marine from Squad Caro up on to see what people think about it. Here is a link - Squad Caro - 001. is basically for miniatures. Users look at the pictures of the miniatures you upload and judge them on a scale of 1 - 10. The scale goes from 10 being amazing Golden Demon style work, 8 for a great job, and 5 being tabletop quality.

So far my miniature is sitting at about a 4. I was expecting something a bit higher but then I go and look at other models that are getting a 6 or so and I am blown away. It has been about five years since I painted anything after all.

*Updated* I found a way to dynamically link the models current score to here on the page - Current Score -

I think will really allow me to increase my skill as a painter. It will allow me to get feedback and see how I am improving over time.

I have also added a cool thing over to the side here. It shows the last five pictures that were uploaded to